Fast-growing telemedicine startup MedicSpot required a complete redesign of the interface used by their doctors during video calls.

As part of this client project at General Assembly, I undertook a two-week sprint with three other team members, utilising the entire UX process, including interviews with GPs, three Design Studios and…


CitizenM is a hotel chain that focuses on being innovative, youthful, and different. As part of a mock two-week design sprint on the UX Immersive course at General Assembly, I was tasked with creating a responsive, mobile-first website for CitizenM that would allow travellers to plan and book ‘local’ experiences.

My alarm rung at 5am. I jumped down from the top bunk and shook awake my best friend, who grunted and rolled away from me to show his enthusiasm for the early wake-up call. A symphony of six snoring men filled the dark room.

We left the hostel and flagged…

Jared Hill

Design and other fun stuff. Planning to write a really good article on procrastination but keep putting it off.

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